Succession of Ministers at UUCiA

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Andover got its name in 1994. Prior to that, from 1964-1993, it was the "Unitarian Universalist Church of Andover". From 1956-1963, it was the "Church of the Good Shepherd, Unitarian Universalist".

It's always good to know in whose footsteps you follow... Here are the past and present ministers:

*M. Lara Hoke 2009- (*current minister)
Ralph B. Galen 2003-2008
*Peter T. Richardson 1992-2002 (*current minister emeritus)
Rosemarie C. Smurzynski 1981-1989
Gayle K. Lehman-Becker 1978-1980
Randolph Lehman-Becker 1975-1980
Richard M. Woodman 1968-1974
Keith C. Munson 1960-1968
Kenneth C. Hawkes 1956-1960

1956 marks the year that two local congregations merged. (The Unitarians and Universalists of Lawrence merged 5 years before the national merger that created the UUA in 1961). Those two congregations were the "First Universalist Society, Lawrence", and the "First Unitarian Society, Lawrence". Here are the ministers who served those congregations:

First Universalist Society, Lawrence

Kenneth C. Hawkes, 1953-1956
Robert L. Jacobs 1948-1952
Robert H. Barber 1944-1948
Charles Wyman 1942-1944
Brainard F. Gibbons 1939-1942
C. Guy Robbins 1908-1939
William E. Gibbs 1886-1907
Alphonso E. White 1878-1886
George W. Perry 1873-1877
George S. Weaver 1860-1873
Martin Steere 1859-1860
J. J. Brayton 1855-1858
James R. Johnson 1852-1855
Henry Jewell 1851-1852
George H. Clark 1847-1851

First Unitarian Society, Lawrence

Robert Wheatley 1953-1955
Theodore DeLuca 1950-1952
Amos C. B. Murphy 1945-1950
Felix D. Lion 1940-1945
Herman F. Lion 1929-1939
William W. Locke 1923-1929
E. J. Bowden 1921-1923
W. S. Nichols 1915-1919
H. Van Ommeron 1910-1914
Samuel C. Beane 1905-1909
Thomas J. Robjent 1901-1905
George H. Young 1891-1900
E. C. Abbott 1887-1890
Henry F. Jenks 1881-1885
E. R. Sanborn 1877-1878
C. A. Hayden 1872-1877
J. B. Moore 1866-1872
James H. Wiggin 1864-1865
William L. Jenkins 1855-1864
Henry F. Harrington 1847-1854