Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Another Armistice Day...

Yesterday I participated, yet again, with Veterans For Peace's "Armistice / Veterans Day for Peace" in Boston. (Picture of part of the group marching below...) We had an excellent turnout, including The Leftist Marching Band and folks from the peace community.

Photo by Howard Rotman, November 11, 2014, Boston.
I had the honor of providing the opening "words of peace". I shared the words of UU ministerial colleague Rev. Chris Antal. When he was a chaplain serving in Afghanistan, Rev. Antal shared these words on Veterans Day in 2012. He received an official reprimand for these words...

I shared them because I think they are brave and brilliant, and there's no way I could possibly improve upon them.

A link to Rev. Antal's piece, "A Veterans Day Confession for America", is here.

Veterans Day is always hard for me, as I posted about last year. I am grateful to be able to spend the day with like-minded peace activists.

This year I also discovered the poetry of Karen Skolfield, a 1989 Panama veteran. She was a guest reader, and shared "Backblast Area Clear" and "Army SMART Book: On Being Lost". You can read some of her excellent poetry (including "Army SMART Book: On Being Lost") at this link.