Monday, December 17, 2012

Trying to gather my thoughts...

It has been a very sad few days after the tragic shooting in Newtown, CT on Friday.  I plan to write a post inspired by this senseless event, but I am finding that I need a few days to compose my thoughts.

I am thinking of all the school-aged children and youth I know today, and their teachers, principals, and others who work in the schools.  May they have the wisdom and strength to get through this day, together.

Life is so fragile, and so precious.  Let us love one another.  For now, that is all I want to write.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rest in Peace, Ravi Shankar

Through my adolescent love of obsession with the Beatles, I discovered Ravi Shankar, and through him the wonderful world of Indian classical music -- some of my favorite music on earth.  Thanks for the music, Pandit-ji.  Rest in peace.

Here he is teaching George Harrison to play sitar:

Here he is on the Dick Cavett show:

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lyrics in Haiku

I tweet as @RevLara (you can see my tweets here).  I have a disclaimer on this blog that the views expressed are my own, not necessarily those of the congregation -- and that goes double for Twitter!

Lately, just for fun, I've been tweeting lyrics to songs that get stuck in my head -- but in haiku form.  Some of them come out better than others, of course.  Here they are, so far:

Jose Feliciano lyrical Haiku of the day: "Feliz Navidad / from the bottom of my heart / Prospero Año"

Joni Mitchell lyrical Haiku of the night: "We love our lovin' / not like we love our freedom / help me, I'm falling"
Bob Marley lyrical Haiku of the evening: "Stand up for your rights / sick an' tired of your game / don't give up the fight" 

Lady Gaga lyrical Haiku of the evening: "Gaga ooh la la / no, I don't wanna be friends / want your bad romance" 

The Mamas and The Papas lyrical Haiku of the morning: "Oh Monday, Monday / every other day is fine / but can't trust Monday"