Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hearing at State House: "Don't Let the Proverbial Fox Guard the Literal Hen House"

I am an advocate for animal welfare and animal rights. I'm on the Board Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministry, and I recently became a Faith Outreach volunteer / Faith Ally / Faith Advocate for the Humane Society of the United States.
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Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 28, there is an important hearing at the Massachusetts State House. See the Facebook event page.  From the FB event page:

"*Please don’t let the proverbial fox guard the literal henhouse*

"We need you to join us in Boston and stand against the attack on MA farm animals on October 28 at 12:30 pm!

"Factory farming lobbyists are trying to push a deceptive bill through the legislature. Their goal is to undermine the ballot measure that would ensure pigs, hens, and calves have enough space to stand up and extend their limbs. Locking animals in cages so small the animals can barely move is cruel and inhumane. Animals need you to join us at the state house to stand up against this attack.

"You won’t need to do anything besides attend the hearing of this dangerous bill. We will be distributing stickers to wear. See you Wednesday!

"Please plan to allow plenty of time for parking, getting through security, and navigating the building.

"The hearing is currently scheduled to be in Hearing Room B-1 at the Massachusetts State House on Wednesday, October 28 from 1-5 pm. You can attend the hearing for the duration or only a few hours. Please join this Facebook page and RSVP to Matt at mdominguez@humanesociety.org. If you need help day-of, please text Matt at 202-746-3803.

"For more information on this bill, visit: citizensforfarmanimals.com/factoryfarmlobby

"To take action, visit: https://secure.humanesociety.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=7064

"For a full list of the bills being heard on Wednesday at 1 pm, visit: https://malegislature.gov/Events/EventDetail?eventId=2295&eventDataSource=Hearings"

Hope to see you at the State house!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Happy National Coming Out Day!

Tomorrow, Sunday, October 11 is National Coming Out Day! Happy Coming Out to LGBTQI folks everywhere!

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Andover had its National Coming Out Sunday a week early, on October 4, with a wonderful guest speaker, seminarian Renee Manning. Hear her moving sermon "Universal Love" at this link.

The UUCiA has been a Welcoming Congregation since 1994 -- 21 years! You can read about our celebration of hitting 20 years as a Welcoming Congregation from last year's post on this blog here.

Be who you are. You are beautiful.