Tuesday, October 20, 2009

350 Day of Climate Action at the UUCiA

Above: Just the first 13 (lucky?) noisemakers I've found around the house to bring to the UUCiA on October 25.... Three recorders, an Irish tin whistle, a samba whistle, a little gong, castanets, three shakers, a kazoo, and two harmonicas.

This Saturday, October 24, is the International Day of Climate Action (see www.350.org for more details, including a list of local actions that you might join). If you live in Andover, you will hear the bell of South Church toll 350 times at 3:30 p.m. If you are in North Andover, you will hear the historic bell of First Parish toll 350 times at noon. All of this is to draw attention to our dramatically changing climate. (We want to "decrease carbon dioxide levels in the Earth's atmosphere to below 350 parts per million, the stable and safe upper limit". That's the significance of 350.)

For better or for worse (depending upon who you ask), the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Andover does not have bells to toll. However, we will honor the occasion in our own way. On October 25, I will preach a sermon entitled “Save Your Planet, Save Your Soul”, talking about the spiritual nature of the current ecological crisis. At the end of the service, in lieu of tolling a church bell, I will invite you to join me in making our own holy noise. I will bring various drums and shakers and horns (see photo above, for a start), and I invite you to bring your own if you have them. If we have 35 people present, and everyone makes 10 sacred sounds, we will have created our own 350. But the more the merrier, truly. Let us make a joyful noise!

After the sacred sounds, during our fellowship hour, there will be a petition for your consideration. This petition will ask Senator John Kerry “to continue to fight for a fair, ambitious and binding global deal” on the climate change crisis (a petition of the Mass Council of Churches, of which the UUA is a member denomination). We will also have a laptop available for people to sign the 350.org interfaith call to action petition online. (Or, sign it RIGHT NOW by clicking this link.)

Click on this link to see our event listed on the 350.org website and to RSVP online.

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