Monday, March 15, 2010

New look at UUCiA

We're starting to "re-decorate" at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Andover. We want our space to be more colorful, and to better reflect who we are.

To start off, we worked on the sign outside of the UUCiA.

In the summer, our sign looked like it does above... then, just below that, you can see the new lighter, easier-to read paint job (with my name and our website address added). This was an improvement, for sure!

But then we realized that our sign should indicate that we're a Welcoming Congregation.

So, we've added a rainbow to it. It looks that much better, in my opinion!

Below is the new sign:

Ah, that's better!

The next thing we wanted to change was the entryway. In the past, you would walk in the front door of the UUCiA and see a blank wall. It looked like this:

We wanted to make the entryway more colorful, and reflect some of the sources of our Unitarian Universalist tradition.

So, we have added these flags, representing some of the world religions that are sources for our tradition:

Much better, right?

We're not done re-decorating, but we're off to a great start!