Saturday, October 23, 2010

Standing with our immigrant sisters and brothers

This past Thursday, I attended a Boston New Sanctuary Movement clergy breakfast. It was a very good event, featuring (among other speakers) the Rev. Peter Morales, President of the UUA. Here's a write-up of the event: link. It made me feel even more committed to working for immigrant rights and justice. (The picture shows the view from the back, where I was sitting. It was a "SRO" event!)

This congregation does some great social justice work through the Refugee Immigration Ministry (RIM). I'm very thankful to the congregants who do so much work with RIM. They inspire me!

One of the handouts at the New Sanctuary Movement clergy breakfast was about the term "illegal immigrants". I have long stopped using the terms "aliens" or "illegal aliens" or "illegals" to describe immigrants who are in this country without documentation. These terms are clearly de-humanizing. But the handout I received also pointed out that the term "illegal immigrants" is also troubling. There's a campaign called "Drop the I-Word" -- click on the link to learn more. I was grateful for this wake-up.