Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day for Night

We had a marvelous fundraising concert on November 13 -- a "jazz ball" -- put on by Day for Night, a local jazz ensemble that includes a singer, keyboards, guitar, sax/flute/clarinet, guitar, bass, and drums.  They were so excellent.  The talent level is unbelievable to me.  They are fronted by UUCiA member Patty Brayden (vocals, pictured, left) and her husband John Finbury on keyboards.

Something like 70 folks showed up -- a wonderful turnout. We also had some very nice refreshments, thanks to the Congregational Family Committee.

Below you will find some videos I took -- just snippets I filmed with my camera, so the quality of filming/recording isn't good.  These videos do not do the band justice, believe me!  But just to give a little sense of the flavor, I'm including the videos here.

Here are the videos ....  The electric guitar is distorted in my sound.

This final video is an instrumental, "Freddie Freeloader".  The guitar chords are distorted, but listen at about 58 seconds in and the recording sound is better!

If you ever get the chance, don't miss out on seeing them perform!  We hope that they will perform at UUCiA for years to come. 

To the right:  A picture of the instrumentalists in the band.  (Click on the picture to see it larger.)