Thursday, January 13, 2011

Words that heal...

Last night, President Obama delivered remarks at a memorial service for the shooting victims in Arizona.  You can watch the video or read the transcript at this link.

I thought his words were moving, and that he said all the most important things.  It is critical that this tragedy not be turned into another place of vitriol, or another opportunity to point fingers angrily. The discussion should be, as the President noted, worthy of the ones we have lost.

As many have pointed out by now, the tragic shootings were not caused by political differences.  The shootings do remind us, however, of the importance of civility and of the importance of stating disagreements with love and respect.

It seems that the shootings were the doing of a mentally ill young man, acting alone.  It is tragic that such a person was able to obtain lethal weapons.  And so, the shootings do remind me that our gun control laws are inadequate.  I hope that this tragic reminder moves us to rethink these laws.

Having said that...  It's also important to remember the inherent goodness of people, and to note that many people even act heroically, as was the case on January 8.  I thought President Obama did a nice job of remembering the stories of heroism, too.