Saturday, June 25, 2011

GA day 4

 (Picture:  Cool art in Charlotte.)

Today was LOTS of plenary, time for the official business of GA.  We heard reports from lots of folks, including the UU Women's Federation, the UU United Nations Office, and the UU Service Committee.  The election of candidates was uneventful as no one was opposed.  Then we voted to change the name of the Thomas Jefferson District to the Southeast District (at their own suggestion).  We also voted to change the conditions to appointment to the MFC.  Four Actions of Immediate Witness will move forward for consideration:  "Protest Rep. Peter King's Hearings on Muslim 'Radicalization'"; "Support Southern California Supermarket Workers' Struggle for Decent Wages and Benefits"; "Toward Ending the US Military Engagement in Afghanistan"; and "Oppose Citizens United -- Support Free Speech for People".

During the one program slot of the day, I went to the "Greeley Award Sermon: Ethical Aspects of Climate Change", a sermon co-written (and delivered) by Rev. Craig Schwalenberg and Sarah Summers.  The competition was supported by the UU-UNO, a wonderful organization.

After this post, I'm going back to plenary!  Lots of business today!