Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lyrics in Haiku

I tweet as @RevLara (you can see my tweets here).  I have a disclaimer on this blog that the views expressed are my own, not necessarily those of the congregation -- and that goes double for Twitter!

Lately, just for fun, I've been tweeting lyrics to songs that get stuck in my head -- but in haiku form.  Some of them come out better than others, of course.  Here they are, so far:

Jose Feliciano lyrical Haiku of the day: "Feliz Navidad / from the bottom of my heart / Prospero Año"

Joni Mitchell lyrical Haiku of the night: "We love our lovin' / not like we love our freedom / help me, I'm falling"
Bob Marley lyrical Haiku of the evening: "Stand up for your rights / sick an' tired of your game / don't give up the fight" 

Lady Gaga lyrical Haiku of the evening: "Gaga ooh la la / no, I don't wanna be friends / want your bad romance" 

The Mamas and The Papas lyrical Haiku of the morning: "Oh Monday, Monday / every other day is fine / but can't trust Monday"