Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Spanish.... español...

My never-ending quest to learn Spanish continues. I was thinking about getting back to Mexico this February, but the stars just weren't aligning for that. So now I'm thinking about this summer, July or August, when my time is more flexible.

Mexico in July/August is WAY too hot for me. I don't think I could take it. But the good news is, July/August is winter in South America, and I hear they speak Spanish there (except for Brazil).  Some people like to escape winters in New England but in my "old age", I think I'd rather skip July/August in New England, where no one seems to know about AC.

(I'm from Pennsylvania originally, and we know about hot summers and the miracle of AC.)

So... I'm thinking a summer escape from the heat down to South America. Right now, I'm leaning toward Bolivia. I think it would be a real adventure. And... there would  be few English speakers around, as I understand it, making the Spanish immersion more complete. There are lots of Spanish schools there...

I'll keep you posted.