Saturday, March 8, 2014

The "second parade" -- march on the Side of Love in South Boston!

The UUCiA group lining up for the 2013 St Pat's Peace Parade
If you have been attempting to decipher the news of negotiations with organizers of the traditional St. Patrick’s Day Parade in South Boston – the one that excludes LGBTQ folks as well as Veterans For Peace (for associating the word "veteran" with the word "peace" – true story!), and  are asking, "To march, or not to march? That is the question?"


The St. Patrick’s Peace Parade – the “second parade” –

is HAPPENING, following the traditional parade.

This parade, the second one, welcomes the queer community with enthusiasm and open arms, not contempt and conditions.

This parade, the second one, includes veterans who dare to speak out for peace.

In addition to Veterans For Peace and lots of LGBTQ groups, there will be many wonderful people and worthy organizations witnessing for environmental, social, and economic justice and peace.

Bring your banner, signs, songs!

Come Stand on the Side of Love!  

Let's fill the streets of Southie with a different kind of shock and awe!  

With love,

Kim (Crawford Harvie) and Lara (Hoke)

For more information and to RVSP (for the "Religious Division"), please contact Rev. Lara Hoke (Andover) at or call her at 508-615-1686.

For more information about the "Religious Division", go to this link.

For more information about the St. Patrick's Peace Parade in general, go to