Sunday, November 22, 2015

UUCiA endorses Citizens for Farm Animal Protection ballot measure

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Andover became the first religious congregation to endorse the Massachusetts-based Citizens for Farm Animal Protection ballot measure on November 12. Citizens for Farm Animal Protection is a grassroots campaign that has put together a coalition in the Commonwealth that is working to end the cruel confinement of farm animals in cages so small the animals are virtually unable to move. The grassroots campaign has been gathering signatures for a ballot measure that voters would consider in November 2016.

We collected signatures at the congregation after worship services twice this fall. Most of our Sunday worship attenders signed the petition without hesitation, and I didn’t hear anyone speaking against it. On November 12, our Board voted to endorse the measure.

Says Richard Hudak, President of the UUCiA, “The modest protections proposed here are of broad appeal, and of general interest to people wishing to remain humane and healthy. It’s completely in line with our Unitarian Universalist values.”

“Chickens, pigs and cows locked in cages on factory farms need us to be their voice,” says Stephanie Harris, Campaign Director of the Massachusetts-based Citizens for Farm Animal Protection. “Members of UUCiA should feel proud of their public stance in support of this important animal protection ballot measure.”  

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