Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Hanukkah! And Chalica: Day 5

This picture of a menorah on the first night of Hanukkah comes from, which seems to be a sweet blog...

At sundown tonight, Hanukkah began. Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish sisters and brothers and to all who celebrate this holiday!

Continuing in my "Chalica" series, this is Day 5 of Chalica. On this day, we think about how to affirm and promote our fifth Unitarian Universalist principle, "the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large."

I must confess, it is late as I type this, and I find that the words are not coming. So I'll take the easy way out tonight and link to this piece on congregational governance in light of the fifth principle.