Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter, and a clean, new look

Left: Our spring quilt and Easter flowers on the altar.

This Saturday, we had a spring clean-up at the UUCiA. Our wonderful volunteers cleaned up our building and grounds in all sorts of ways. The plants and grounds look so much better, as do the floors and walls. The kitchen is looking great. Really, a big, big improvement. Thank you to all who came and helped!

Saturday evening we had a wonderful potluck dinner for the Rev. Peter Richardson, the congregation's minister emeritus, and Eleanor Richardson, the congregation's former music director (Peter and Eleanor are married). It was a fun homecoming, with long-time congregants clearly happy and touched to see Eleanor and Peter again (and Peter and Eleanor happy and touched, too).

Peter and Eleanor were in town because Peter delivered the Easter Sunday sermon, and led the service. I wish I could have been there to hear it! (See a blurb on Peter and Eleanor's return in the Andover Townsman at this link. See Peter's website at this link.)

Below are more improvements from our spring clean-up:

Above: We added a flaming chalice poster, for some color in the sanctuary.

Above: The bulletin board was re-covered, and looks so much better! It blends with our banner, too.

Above: Now our entryway is more colorful with these two hangings.

Above: Detail of the new hanging. I love it!