Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Great weekend at the UUCiA!

Picture to left: The big screen at the UUCiA -- very nice for showing a movie!

This past weekend at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Andover was a great one....

On Saturday night, we had our first "movie night". (Free of charge -- bring your own beverage, we supply popcorn!) We showed Capitalism: A Love Story, which was just as thought-provoking as we had hoped it would be.

The turn-out was wonderful -- something like 20 people came. Not bad!

We asked everyone to bring a lawn chair (or other comfortable chair) to sit in, and that worked out well. It was cute to see our sanctuary filled up with lawn and beach chairs -- maybe next time we'll have to have a beach ball!

The very next evening, Sunday night, we had another strong turnout for a special program of the 15th Annual Women's Spirituality Series: "Female Spiritual Heritages of Crete, Greece, & the Aegean". Scholar Max Dashu gave a wonderful PowerPoint presentation and talk... fascinating stuff!

Picture to left: Scholar Max Dashu (with shadow!) explaining some history with a map of the region.

We learned quite a bit about goddesses, priestesses, and women’s rituals from 6000 BCE to 200 CE.

Max had some wonderful images of female figurines, Cycladic marbles, Cretan frescos... She also had some images I had never seen before of bee seeresses, snake women, bear girls, shamanic dancers and crone masks.

The visuals were wonderful!

I learned a lot about patriarchy’s impact on the goddess traditions over time.

Picture to the left: Just one of many images shown on the UUCiA screen.

We saw many rare images from the legendary Suppressed Histories Archives collection.

For more information visit www.suppressedhistories.net