Saturday, February 12, 2011

The warmth of the sun, the warmth of love...

I was fortunate enough to spend the last several days in Monterey, California, for the UU Ministers Association Center Institute for Excellence in Ministry. In addition to enjoying some beautiful weather, and a beautiful setting, I was lucky enough to experience inspiring worship services and an excellent workshop/seminar.

The workshop I attended was "Facilitating Cultural Change" with Beth Zemsky.  Over the years, I have attended various trainings for anti-racism/anti-oppression/multi-culturalism.  But this workshop really opened my eyes in new ways.  I learned more than I can say.  It's such important work, understanding different cultures -- including one's own culture -- and the ways that institutional racism lives.  Sometimes it is painful to realize how much I still have to learn.  I try to remind myself how far I have come, and pray that that "moral arc" continues.  But it can continue only with persistent intention and learning and love.  It's also very exciting, however, to realize the potential for change!  And this workshop gave me a new mantra for the work: "Authenticity trumps perfection".