Monday, December 5, 2011

Merrimack Valley Project... what a great organization!

Last night I went to the Annual Convention of the Merrimack Valley Project.  What an amazing organization!

The Merrimack Valley Project (MVP) has been around since 1992, uniting "leaders from across the Merrimack Valley to win improvements to our state and region that have benefited thousands of people".

MVP has increased opportunities for jobs; worked for immigrant rights; worked to create and maintain safe, affordable housing for all; and worked to create safer cities and neighborhoods.

I am hoping to get more involved.  I'm so grateful that they do the work that they do.  I'm proud that the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Andover is one of their member groups.

They have a current project that is very exciting to me:  "Fight Foreclosures and Evictions in our Neighborhoods!  No More Evictions: MVP is calling on banks and mortgage companies to stop all post-foreclosure evictions in the cities and towns of our region. Vacant properties hurt families and make our city streets and neighborhoods more dangerous. Let all families stay and pay rent!"

Click here to make a contribution to MVP.