Saturday, December 10, 2011

Moving from Intervention to Treatment... Occupy, part II

Picture: From October 9, 2011... "You Can't Evict and Idea" projection at Occupy Boston
The Occupy Boston camp was raided a couple of hours ago. The city of Boston was wise to wait until there were only a few dozen folks left at Dewey Square, versus coming Thursday night when there were 1000+ of us.  Apparently about 40 people were arrested, and apparently it went peacefully.   

I am concerned for the people who were homeless (that is, homeless before the Occupy Movement even started), who were receiving more shelter and food and help at the Occupy Boston camp than just being on their own. I hope we can still support them.

I can't help but feel sad that the Occupy Boston camp is gone, as I found the OB phenomenon pretty amazing and impressive in so many ways. I will miss visiting OB and feeling that spirit of idealism and hope.  I will miss the Sunday UU Vespers.  I will miss many things...

But I keep thinking of this sign that I saw at OB several weeks ago:

The sign says, "America, this is your intervention!" And that's how I feel about the Occupy Movement to date: It has been an intervention.  I think it has been a successful wake-up, or "intervention", and now it's time for Part II of the Occupy Movement:  "treatment".  May the movement continue, and may it continue to be nonviolent and creative!  To borrow from the chant, "We are unstoppable, another world is possible!"