Wednesday, June 20, 2012

UU Ministry Days end, UU General Assembly begins

Yesterday was the first full day of Ministry Day programming.  The highlights for me (in addition to seeing some dear old friends) were the "Weaving Justice and Joy" presentation and a workshop on "Economic Justice and the Occupy Movement."

The speakers for the "Weaving Justice and Joy" presentation were all excellent.  I was particularly inspired by Andrea Lee Smith, "a Cherokee intellectual, feminist, and anti-violence activist".  She did a great talk about the "three pillars of white supremacy". The first pillar is the Logic of Slavery, which ultimately anchors capitalism.  The second is the Logic of Genocide, which anchors colonialism.  And the third is the Logic of Orientalism, which anchors militarism.  I will definitely have to read some of Smith's books and articles!  It was a brilliant analysis, and she was an excellent speaker.

Later, I went to a workshop on "Economic Justice and the Occupy Movement", so-led by Revs. Rosemary Bray McNatt, Jacqueline Duhart, Peter Friedrichs and Kate Lore.  We had a great conversation and theological reflection about the Occupy Movement, "sacred unrest", and our place and role as Unitarian Universalist ministers.  It was fascinating to talk with colleagues who participated in Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Philadelphia, Occupy Oakland, Occupy Portland, and more -- and to see some folks I know from Occupy Boston, too!

Today, I'm looking forward to the 25/50 Worship Service, the Berry Street lecture, and the Opening Session of GA!