Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A sad day... after many sad days. Terrorism, and a wish for peace and love.

To the left is a message from the Unitarian Universalist Association about today's horrific attacks in Brussels. This follows on violence in Istanbul... Ankara... Paris... Beirut... and many other cities around the world in the past year.

The message, from Rev. Eric Cherry (Director of the UUA's International Office) is: "On this day of extreme violence in Brussels, which follows brutal events in many countries in recent months, the UUA adds its voice to the interreligious witness for healing and peace in Belgium and throughout the world. We reach out to all those who suffer and recommit to faithful solidarity with all peacemakers." 

To that I add, amen. And blessed be.

I also pray that this terrorist incident isn't used to further to hatred directed toward immigrants, refugees, and Muslims in the United States.

To the right is a picture from the fall taken in Portsmouth, NH. I am with UUCiA congregants, speaking out to ugly anti-immigrant, anti-refugee, and anti-Muslim rhetoric that has become so prominent in this country in recent times.

During this Holy Week in the Christian tradition, may we indeed remember the message of Jesus to love our neighbor, and even our perceived enemy, as we love ourselves. May we remember Jesus's messages of peace and inclusive love for all. 

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