Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sabbatical fortune

This was in my fortune cookie tonight. "Real is all a vision. You have to see it for yourself."

I like that.

Day ten of sabbatical was stressful. I spent two hours in a panic trying to find my passport. I always put it in a specific drawer in the house. But today it wasn't there. I tore that bureau apart looking for it, went through all kinds of bags and drawers where I couldn't really imagine it was -- but it had to be somewhere! I kept coming back to the drawer. Emptied it completely. Couldn't find it. Looked all through the sofa, my car... Every place where I have anything. Went back to the usual drawer. Pulled it out of the bureau completely. Pulled out all the other bureau drawers. Looked at the bottom where I found some ancient papers that had fallen back there, but still no passport. Looked through my file drawers in my room. No passport. Went back to the usual drawer. Among all the papers, there was one box, an old Microsoft Office software box. Shook it in frustration. Discs flew out... and, my passport. Yes, it was in the usual drawer. How it wedged into that box, I don't know. But it really is always in the last place you look! (ba dum dum tsh! That was a joke. But a true story.)

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