Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sabbatical starts!

Some of the books I'm reading at the start of sabbatical.... Click the photo to see it bigger.

My four month sabbatical began on January 1, 2017. So far (just three days in), I'm just decompressing. I've been playing a lot of music, just as I hoped I would. I've mostly played trumpet, but I've played some guitar, bass, and harmonium too. I'm hoping to throw sitar into the mix soon. (It's all very amateurish, but I'm having fun!)

The other thing is lots of reading. Pictured are some of the books that will start me off.

Oh, and I'm studying Punjabi. I want to study Spanish, too, but Punjabi is the first order of business for January. I'm using "Total Immersion" for Punjabi; it's similar to Rosetta Stone, but Rosetta Stone doesn't offer Punjabi. So there!

So that's the initial report from Sabbatical Land. Stay tuned!

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